Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Write Stuff

by Anna Dynowski

Harmony Village Serlies, Vol. 5

Though she’s a romance author, Krysia Barciniak has no illusions about love and romance and a happily-ever-after for herself. Or about every seeing her child again. One taste of love six years earlier is more than enough for her. She already has a scarred heart. Thank you very much! Then melancholic Connor Tiernay, the new museum curator, arrives in Harmony Village, with his five-year-old daughter in hand and a proposal of marriage on his lips.

And Cupid Cat, with his indomitable reputation in the matchmaking projects, rubs his paws together. Will Cat’s predictable success and their inevitable surrender be validated? 

Question from the e-mail:  Is writing an art? Or can anyone do it?

Answer:  It is both and anyone can Learn to do it on some level.

I do believe that writing is an art. But it’s also a craft. No one can write your stories but you. No one can create exactly as you can. No one else on earth has your “voice.”

But there are tips and little techniques that you can learn to make the work easier for you. And there are grammar rules that each of us must learn and they don't always come naturally, even to folks with undeniable talent.

Just as an artist learns to mix colors, what glaze or wash will enhance a color, or help to make water look "wet," so will a writer learn how to get across to the reader the story that goes on in her head.

Like anything you do, the more practice you put in, the better you get at it.

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