Thursday, October 23, 2014

NEWS Flash and Space Recipe

Sarah's Landing Series, Vol. 3

A Crlllion Armada is detected heading toward Earth. And a single battlecruiser, with the last of the civilized captives fleeing from Crlllion on board, is on an intercept course.

As the alarm is triggered in Space Command the Pleiades roars off the launching pad. Andrew learns that Adam is on board and is his weapons officer, and with that, knows what type of weponry he now has. Andrew changes course as an explosion rocks his ship. Adam fires back. Blinding explosions light up the darkness of space as one Crlllion ship after another vaporizes.

Still working on the e-mail problems. Again, this morning the inbox was STUFFED with messages that looked like gibberish and were sent  WITH "REPLY TO: ARLINECHASE@COMCAST.NET my own e-mail address:, But NOT sent by ME. 

I DON'T KNOW why they can't figure out that ANY ONE on EARTH can type ANYTHING in the
"Reply to:" blank.

all containing the information "BLOCKED by Postmaster at Comcast.


Wrap individual pieces of chicken (breasts preferably, but other pieces will do) in heavy aluminum foil (loosely), but first add to chicken: 1 tsp. butter 1 tbsp. half and half Optional: Add a few sliced mushrooms
Bake 1 hour (maybe + 10 minutes) at 350 oven. Foil can be loosened last ten minutes to brown, however it seems to sort of brown on its own. Serve in foil so chicken can sort of be dipped in juices while eating.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

email email email SOLUTION???


I tried filling out the form. It asks for information that is not available to anyone who isn't a techie!!! I will call their service number after I calm down.  Not looking forward to THAT as I am deaf as a POST!

Meanwhile, if this works for YOU, let me know. I get your Mail fine!

If you are not getting e-mail from me, please go to the following link and fill out the form there so they will unblock my address at Your End:

If you don't have comcast for your provider, please look for a similar service at your Internet Servivce Provider. All e-mail is let in and out of your computer by your Internet Service provider, regardless of where the address is.

Comcast, Verizon or whoever provides your Internet Service is who controls what you get and don't get. They are the ones you need to request to remove the block!  They have blocked it, without your asking!!!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Free Book this month

by Arline Chase

Lawyer Chevy Ford is a man with a sense of humor. Good thing, because his Golden retriever, Casey, keeps ending up in dog-jail, where he falls hard for the beautiful animal-control officer who is being sued by a local rancher.

Casey's OWN Good Girl
  Special Dog Cookies

1/2 cup powdered milk
1 egg, well beaten
2 1/2 cups flour
1/2 tsp garlic salt
1 1/2 tsp brown sugar
1/2 cup water
6 tblsp gravy
Baby food meat 

Mix all ingredients well. Roll out on a floured board about 1/2" thick. Cut out cookie shapes with floured cutters. We use the bone-shaped one, but she likes them no matter what shape we use.

Bake at 350F for 25-30 minutes. Cool, maybe leaving them in the oven to dry. Cookies should be hard. Store in an airtight container.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Catching UP! 

TINY TIMELESS TALES: The Writer's Bloc Anthology III
    A Collection of tales by members of the Bloc that includes short stories, poetry, pages from a nonfiction childrens book, and articles about a number of subjects, one including recipes for cooking bugs.
DEMON CHASER II, by David Berardelli. 
   After successfully sending Gutrillus Canus back to Hell, Tiffany LeBouf and her sidekick Chip, the mischievous inferior demon, are sent to Central Florida on a brand-new assignment--to find a delinquent inferior brought up by Braithwaite, the new super demon who has come up from Hell to replace Balberith.

Gallies that went out, are still out, or went out again, this week: 

    The story of Medic 1260 continues in the second book of the "Volunteer" series.
REWIND FORWARD: Kathy Sear and Greg Hawkins Series, Vol. 4, by Michael E. Field. 

   Paul Buckler had everything he could want from life: a beautiful wife, wonderful children, and a great home. But all that came crashing down when false allegations were levied against him and he found out that you are really guilty until proven innocent

DOING DEAD MAN'S TIME, by Matthew L. Schoonover
   From the author who brought you the supernatural thrillers of The Arbiter series and the impossible mysteries of The Tornado Man series comes a new tale of supernatural suspense. Phil Talbot is in the here-after, awaiting judgment. He is given the opportunity to come back to the mortal plane and fix the one mistake that changed his supernatural fate. But there are two conditions: he isn’’t to know what that mistake is, and he is not allowed to come back as himself. To add to this, the ‘‘other side’’ gets a hand in helping to decide his fate.

   The tale of Henri Chabron, Canadian, American, commercial mercenary for hire, in the business of personal salvage. The fast-moving story story tells how a child, becoming a man in a world of lies, deceit and betrayal, is still able to preserve his soul.
DOING DEAD MAN'S TIME, by Matthew L. Schoonover.  
   From the author who brought you the supernatural thrillers of The Arbiter series and the impossible mysteries of The Tornado Man series comes a new tale of supernatural suspense. Phil Talbot is in the here-after, awaiting judgment. He is given the opportunity to come back to the mortal plane and fix the one mistake that changed his supernatural fate. But there are conditions...

Work began or Continued on the following books: 

ROYAL PRINCESS: WIFE AND MOTHER, Mondoverde Series, Vol. 1 by Anna Dynowski
   A new series by Christian author Anna Dynowski that will keep you royally entertained.

 REFINER'S FIRE, Sisters in Freedom Series, Vol. 2, by Ann Nolder Heinz
   A life in ruins—and a journey of deliverance...Lizzie Hamilton’s life as a pampered belle in the antebellum South is over.  Alone and destitute due to the disintegration of her family’s fortunes, she makes the mistake of trusting a handsome but unprincipled professional gambler whose silver-tongued promises lead only to disgrace and virtual servitude.


THE MURDER OF SEC. JUDD KANE: Adventures on Capital Hill Series, Vol. 2. by Celine Rose Mariotti
Do you ever wonder what it would be like to have U.S. Senators who really did their job, got along well, and stood up for what was right? This is not your typical book about politics.  It’s the perfect U.S. Senate!  Throughout the book, there is an ongoing health care debate.  Senators Andy Thompson and Hunt Wagner lead the way with a resolution to try to stop President Robinson and Secretary von Schumann from sending troops to Botswana.  But a real adventure begins when Senator Thompson is kidnapped and Brian Travors, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State is suspected of being involved.  Senators Hunt Wagner and Darius Clemens head a committee hearing to get to the truth.  President Robinson suffers a heart attack and Vice-President Barry Newman takes over temporarily.  This book is a real page turner!  Read it and you’ll have hope for tomorrow!

LAST STOP FREEDOM: Sisters in Freedom Series, Vol. 1, by Ann Nolder Heinz
   ***First Place Winner Dragonfly Awards Competition, Historical Fiction Category**** A desperate flight from brutal oppression—and everything to lose if it fails...
   Two women, one white, the other black, find themselves trapped in bondage on a South Carolina plantation in 1850's America. Their unique friendship gives each the strength to endure until circumstances threaten not only to rip them apart but to place their very lives in jeopardy.

   A collection of short fiction.

MINISTER'S SHOES, VOL. 2 by Celine Rose Mariotti
   Rev. Castle is back in another cozy mystery.

BLEEDING HEARTS: Killian Kendal Mystery Series, Vol. 1

   Winner of the Stonewall Society's 2002 Pride in the Arts Literary Award in the Whodunit Category!

REAP THE WHIRLWIND: Killian Kendall Mystery Series, Vol. 2,  by Josh Aterovis.
   Suicide, or murder? That's the question in the second Killian Kendall mystery. Will Smith suspects murder when an old childhood pal drowns, and asks his friend Killian for help in solving the mystery.

TRUTH OF YESTERDAY,  by Josh Aterovis

ALL LOST THINGS, by Josh Aterovis

CHANGE  OF WORLDS, by Josh Aterovis

Jack's News!
  by your bookstore cat,  gossip columnist, and feline friend.
    Frances Langley, author of Lainee Delaney series, let me know she will will be doing an author signing at John Ed Keeter Public Library in Saginaw, TX.   The local Author reception will be held on Tuesday, November 4th. She'll be there from 4:30 to 8:00 PM. Come out to enjoy refreshments and great books!
   Arline is still having problems with the e-mail.  The "guru" came three times. A smiling semi-teenager who still had acne. Looked like a barely weaned kitten to me, but Arline  says he knows his stuff. He said he has done all he can do! She called Comcast to complain, too. Boy that was something, with all the yelling, "Speak slowly, I can't HEAR you!"  I had to hide under the chair.

If you are going to have a book signing somewhere, 
make a personal appearance, or are 
planning a launch party where you live, 
please let ME KNOW. Just put 
 NEWS FOR JACK, in the subject line, 
and we will be sure your news 
 is included here in the blog and posted on Facebook!
Your friend, JACK

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Halloween Bat-Wich Recipe


When their plans for their Charleston vacation are sidelined, Bonnie and Sue find that Savannah offers more than meets the eye. When they first arrive at The Magnolias, they plan on a nice quiet stay at a 200-yearold bed and breakfast; not the eighty-year-old murder of Colonel Blanchard, the disembodied voice of the missing Ghislaine, and the mysterious melody that is heard by all of the inn’s guests each midnight.

Bat-Wich Sandwiches


2    cans (8 oz each) Pillsbury™ refrigerated crescent dinner rolls
2    tablespoons honey mustard
1    lb thinly sliced cooked ham
1    cup shredded chedder cheese blend (4 oz)
1    egg, beaten
1    tablespoon poppy seed, if desired
  • 1 Heat oven to 375°F. Unroll 1 can of dough into 1 large rectangle on ungreased large cookie sheet. Press or roll dough into 13x9-inch rectangle, pressing perforations to seal. Brush with honey mustard to within 1/2 inch of edges. Top with ham; sprinkle with cheese.
  • 2 Cut 14x12-inch sheet of waxed paper; place on work surface. Unroll second can of dough onto waxed paper. Press or roll dough into 13x9-inch rectangle, pressing perforations to seal. With 2-inch bat-shaped cookie cutter, cut 8 evenly spaced bat shapes in dough (do not remove cutouts).
  • 3 Use waxed paper to lift dough; invert dough onto cheese. Carefully peel off waxed paper. Seal edges with fork.
  • 4 Brush bat cutouts with beaten egg. Place cookie cutter over 1 bat cutout; sprinkle cutout with poppy seed. Repeat with remaining cutouts. Brush off any stray seeds not on cutouts.
  • 5 Bake 18 to 25 minutes or until top is deep golden brown. Cut into 8 pieces.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

E-mail Redoux

Sleepy Sand Bluff hasn't had a murder in twenty years. 
That's about to change!

When Jonas McCleary gets the opportunity to join the force in sleepy Sand Bluff, he jumps at it. A cushy job in a little town where nothing ever happens. He can relax and enjoy life, and since Jonas is getting onto thirty, he’s hoping with a little luck, to meet Miss Right. But on his third day in Sand Bluff, another officer, Ackers, finds a body in an alley.

Question: I have tried everything I know, and still am not getting any e-mail from you at either of my addresses. Any suggestions?

Answer: I have been told the problem isn't  anything you did, or anything that either of us can fix without help from your Internet Service Provider. It is the result of security updates that have occurred over the summer in several ISP service providers. They have programmed their company's interface to block all messages from return addresses where spam has originated.

Now they are trying to protect us, and it sounds like a good idea, but whatever name is typed into the "Reply to:" blank will be seen as the spam-sending address, even though the actual message didn't originate there. Anyone, Anywhere, can type whatever address they LIKE into the "Reply to:" black of an e-mail.

Whatever company you get Internet Service from, may be blocking my address because someONE has been sending spam that has my address in the "Reply to:" blank.  Google, Yahoo, Comcast and a number of other companies have set this up. I know this is true, because I get all the "Sorry this account has been closed" notices in my inbox when spam fails to arrive.

I DIDN'T SEND ANY SPAM, but someone in Brazil has used my address on what they SENT... I can't fix it at my end.

Please call the company where you get Internet service and complain about the missing e-mail from I always SEND from, because that's where I buy Internet Service. According to my guru, all e-mail is always SENT from your service provider's pop3 account. I don't know if he is right. I don't know what a POP-3 account is. But I paid for his advice so I'm passing it along....

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

What's in a Name?

by Priscilla A. Maine

Danielle Alexander's life has suddenly turned upside down. On a wagon train to California to join her fiance, her father falls terminally ill. Add to that a motherless newborn half-breed baby boy dropped literally into her arms by a wise, ancient Indian chief, who wants her to be the baby's mother "just until" her fiance comes to rescue her.

Question from the e-mail:  I'm taking yet another class and people in it are criticizing the names I give my characters. Explain it to me, Arline.  What's wrong with naming your heroine, Pheobe?

Answer: Phoebe is great, if she's a comic heroine, something of a klutz, and someone who makes a lot of humorous mistakes.  If she's your romantic lead, who is supposed to inspire heart-wrenching love, that's something else.

Naming characters can be tricky. Personally, I feel that names should reflect character in some way and I believe readers feel this subconsciously, as well. People have concepts about names that have to do with our culture. We make assumptions about people we meet based on their names, and then once we know them well, that concept may change for us. Also the nicknames given to people may often reflect some aspect of our own conceptions of them.

Let's make up a character. Call her Christina. An old-fashioned name, or perhaps an ethnic name. If she's Christina Lawrence, her folks are old-fashioned (unless this is a period piece). If she's Christina DiNapoli, she's a far different person from Christina Lawrence. Okay, so far? So what do we do with Christina, whatever her last name is? Let's make her a high school student in New Jersey. What nicknames does she have?

Do her friends call her Chris? If so, she's probably something of a tomboy, may be interested in athletics or even cars. Whatever she does, she'll be competent and efficient. Chrissy, however is only interested in clothes and boys, though she's pretty niave about both. Christy may write poetry, or perhaps work on the school newspaper. Name your character Tina and -- well Tina likes to have a good time. Now don't get mad if your name is Tina. You may be as serious as eBola and as reliable as a Volvo. I'm only talking about how that name is usually perceived in fiction. When an avid reader meets a Tina on the page, s/he's not disposed to take her seriously. To like her, yes! To vote for her as president of the class? No.

We tend to adapt the names of the people we know and the nicknames we choose can tell us a lot about people and characters. In our society today we do this all the time.

I shuddered when an old highschool friend, Marge Percy, named her firstborn son "Percy." Now here on the Delmarva Peninsula, women often give their eldest sons their maiden names as first names and Marge's family had both old blood and old money, so it was expected of her. Nevertheless, "Percy" signifies "wimp" to many people in our culture today.

But when he was learning to talk the kid couldn't say Percy. He said, "Berky" and that got construed to Bucky, and later, Buck. Buck was president of the National Honor Society, graduated near the top of his class at the Naval Academy and flies jets for a living. I wonder what Percy would have done?