Thursday, May 5, 2016

Red Hot Action

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By Jack Lyle

In a story torn from the headlines of today’s newspapers, rancher and professor Wes Phillips faces the realities of the immigration and drug smuggling crisis facing America. Drug runners as well as human traffickers are moving their illicit cargoes to the north across the Phillips Ranch in the remote Big Bend area of Texas, and the authorities seemingly are powerless to stop it. From El Paso to Laredo, the Mexican Drug Cartels are at war with the Mexican government, and the US Border Patrol is distracted from their traditional mission by the events of 9/11, while the violence spreads to American cities.

Wes enlists the aid of the Border Patrol and the local authorities including the famed Texas Rangers, but in the end, no one can protect Wes and his new wife, Kathy, from the wrath of El Lobo, the chief of the local Mexican drug cartel. The forces arrayed against them are formidable, and their survival ultimately will depend on their own fortitude as well as the strength of family and friends.

Brittany's Best Guacamole

Cinco de Maya 


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  1. Mix avocado, tomatoes, onion, and garlic together in a bowl. Stir lime juice and hot sauce into the avocado mixture. Season with salt, coarse ground black pepper, and cayenne pepper.

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