Saturday, January 2, 2016

Catching UP!

Books that went to press, or back to press this week:

WENDELL & TYLER: WE'RE OFF! Open Road series, vol. 1, by James R. Kincaid
   Even their guidebooks – Worst Places to Eat, Wackiest Roadside Attractions, and Don’t Go Here! – offer no guidance. These two 16-year-olds are off on a summer-long road trip, Los Angeles to Atlanta, without any clear idea what they are doing, what they
might run into, or what they might discover along the way.

No Galleys went out this week.

 Work began or continued on the following:

   Love does not end with death or at the gravesite. It lingers in this world, as powerful after death as before. Ashley Dunlap and David Paine discover this first hand, as a benevolent spirit guides their lives toward its desires. Will the two follow this spirit’s pathway or rebel against its power to follow their own free will?
   This spirit of a murdered family member hovers over the young couple, providing timely nudges and direct pushes toward chance meetings and shared experiences. Her influence twists and turns their earthbound lives into a series of meetings and departures until the helix of their family history finally completes its cycle.

THE SINS OF THE FATHERS, by A.A. MANN.  A Dora the D.R.E. Mystery, Vol. 1
   As a Director of Religious Education at Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church in the border town of San Pequeno, Texas,  Dora meets many interesting and unusual people.  This time 
she meets Death.

IRIS FATE: Iris Series, Vol. 2 by Daniel Carr
   The second in the popular Sci-Fi series.

THE MURDER OF SECRETARY JUDD CANE: Adventures on Capitol Hill Series, Vol. 2 by Celine Rose Mariotti.
   If you liked The Kidnapping of Senator Andy Thompson, you’ll be excited to read The Murder of Secretary Judd Cane. This time Murder stalks the House of Representatives as Congressman Michael Rhodes is accused of
murdering Secretary Cane.

BLEEDING HEARTS: Killian Kendall Mystery Series, Vol. 1
   Winner of the Stonewall Society's 2002 Pride in the Arts Literary Award in the Whodunit Category! 

MINISTER'S ESCAPADES, Vol. 2 by Celine Rose Mariotti
   Rev. Castle is back in another cozy mystery.  

REAP THE WHIRLWIND: Killian Kendall Mystery Series, Vol. 2,  by Josh Aterovis. 
   Suicide, or murder? That's the question in the second Killian Kendall mystery. Will Smith suspects murder when an old childhood pal drowns, and asks his friend Killian for help in solving the mystery.

TRUTH OF YESTERDAY,  by Josh Aterovis

ALL LOST THINGS, by Josh Aterovis

CHANGE  OF WORLDS, by Josh Aterovis

Jack's News!

  by your bookstore cat, 
and gossip columnist!

Spunky and me got a Lot of great toys from Santa Claws, and presents from Kathy's Kitty's and from Shelley and Friday! We played and played all week. Roger and Arline mostly just slept...
Boy did we have fun! New Years was especially nice as they had both black-eyed peas and stir-fry chicken, for those who don't care about superstition. Not that WE ate any of it. Just Not Crunchy, y'know.
Shelly had to work New Years, so we missed her, but she called us to give us good wishes. Arline didn't hear the phone and only heard the message this morning. She felt real bad about that. We all miss Shelley so much...
Arline has pulled the sales data from the various sites and has her head deep into entering the data on  who gets paid and what... She sure gets lost in all that. She says Bookkeeping is just Not Her Thing, but it has to be done!
MY new Thing is the furry mousie that Shelly's dog, Friday, gave me. Roger tied a string around him and dragged him around the floor so I could pounce! We had so much fun!  Don't tell Shelly, but I accidentally ripped off his tail. Shhh. I'll get Arline to sew it back on -- as soon as she can find a needle...
Hmm. Looking around, I may have to wait awhile on that....

Please don't forget to let me know 
what you are all up to, so I'll have Gossip for my column next week! 

Just send a message with 

 "News for Jack" 

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I'll make sure it shows up right here.

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