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A Free Book and a Recipe

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by Arline Chase

In 1912 a woman plans to leave her husband for a charming neer-do-well, while her spinster sister and 12-year-old daughter conspire to frustrate her intentions. When she leaves to meet the Other Man on the steamboat, TALBOT, her whole family shows up as well, to take a hand in the action.

Steamboat Fish Stew


Original recipe makes 8 servings 


1. Over low heat, saute diced onion and pepper in butter in a skillet until they begin to cook. Do NOT brown.

2. Slice fish and run tomatoes through your blender on liquify, place in a stock pot. 

3. Add sauted onion, pepper, butter mixture to stock pot and mix. Add 1 bay leaf and water to cover.

4 Cook on medium heat for 15 -20 minutes. Add potatoes. Cook on medium heat until potatoes get soft. 

Taste and Add salt to soup mixture and stir. You will need some. How much depends on the kind of fish and whether it originates in salt water.

Fresh grind a dash of pepper over each bowl when served.

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