Thursday, October 23, 2014

NEWS Flash and Space Recipe

Sarah's Landing Series, Vol. 3

A Crlllion Armada is detected heading toward Earth. And a single battlecruiser, with the last of the civilized captives fleeing from Crlllion on board, is on an intercept course.

As the alarm is triggered in Space Command the Pleiades roars off the launching pad. Andrew learns that Adam is on board and is his weapons officer, and with that, knows what type of weponry he now has. Andrew changes course as an explosion rocks his ship. Adam fires back. Blinding explosions light up the darkness of space as one Crlllion ship after another vaporizes.

Still working on the e-mail problems. Again, this morning the inbox was STUFFED with messages that looked like gibberish and were sent  WITH "REPLY TO: ARLINECHASE@COMCAST.NET my own e-mail address:, But NOT sent by ME. 

I DON'T KNOW why they can't figure out that ANY ONE on EARTH can type ANYTHING in the
"Reply to:" blank.

all containing the information "BLOCKED by Postmaster at Comcast.


Wrap individual pieces of chicken (breasts preferably, but other pieces will do) in heavy aluminum foil (loosely), but first add to chicken: 1 tsp. butter 1 tbsp. half and half Optional: Add a few sliced mushrooms
Bake 1 hour (maybe + 10 minutes) at 350 oven. Foil can be loosened last ten minutes to brown, however it seems to sort of brown on its own. Serve in foil so chicken can sort of be dipped in juices while eating.

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