Tuesday, October 28, 2014

By George! I think they've got it!

Yesterday, on my 47th call to Comcast in the last 5 weeks, I talked to a tech support person who slowed her speech patiently to deal with a deaf person over the phone; spoke fluent English, and...
did NOT insist, "IT'S AT THE OTHER END!!!!" 
Thank YOU, NINA!!!!

Creepy Halloween Reading!
The young survivor of a mass murder, Gina Adams, believes she’s being stalked. Considering that she’s still under psychiatric care, the police are skeptical. 

The psychic warned Theresa the man would haunt her for the rest of her life ... and her dark prediction was becoming true.

What would you do if you uncovered evidence of a 70-year-old murder? Would you notify the authorities or would you “let sleeping dogs lie?” These are questions that Cathy Billings must answer in Go Tell Aunt Rhody.


  1. Finding someone like Nina to talk to is quite rare indeed. A lot of "help" representatives appear to live in India. I know most speak fluent English, but they put their own accent on it and when you don't hear well...bad combination.

  2. The hard thing about "Hard of hearing" is that you have to listen to the sounds and translate them into what you think was said, using the vowel sounds and inflection. People ask, "Do you want to go to town?"

    And you reply, "No, I'm not feeling Down!