Monday, July 21, 2014

Stockland Fire Department Series, Vol. 2 
By Tonya Ramagos

Jordan Dias is the fire chief’s daughter. He sternly forbade her to follow in his footsteps as he believes women have no business working in a “man’s job.” But Jordan has a dream.... In Book II of the Stockland Fire Department Series, Jordan's in for some fiery excitement. When her father retires, Jordan applies to the new chief, Bryce Tracy, for a job. If he hires her, he is sure to allienate his predecessor, who is still around acting as a volunteer. If he doesn’t, Bryce will break her heart. Or maybe his own....

Bryce's Firehouse Omelet Thing

8 slices dried bread
1 pound grated cheese
8 eggs
3 c milk
3/4 tsp. salt
3/4 tsp. dry mustard
dash cayenne pepper (OR Curry Powder if you are feeling adventurous)
1 bunch green onions
1 can sliced mushrooms

Butter bread and cut into cubes. Place in a greased 9 X 13 inch pan. Sprinkle with cheese. Top with onions and mushrooms. Beat eggs, spices, and milk and pour over bread and cheese mixture. Refrigerate 6 hours or overnight. Bake @ 350 for one hour covered. Remove cover for last few minutes to brown the top. NOTE: You may add ham. sausage, bacon, green peppers, etc. to the recipe!!!

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