Tuesday, April 30, 2013

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          Mystery with Travel Bugs
Top-selling author Elizabeth Eagan-Cox incorporates Internet Geocaching with mystery plots.
"I’ve combined my enjoyment of Geocaching with my Shannon Delaney paranormal mystery novels," reports author Elizabeth Eagan-Cox. This past week, Eagan-Cox planted five "Travel Bugs" at Geocache sites throughout Southern California. Each Travel Bug is a trackable device through the Geocaching web site.
Eagan-Cox explains, "For the past several years my husband and I have played the Internet hide-and-seek game of Geocaching. It’s a wonderful pastime for all ages and is do-able on our schedules. All that it requires is a GPS device and creating a free account on the official Geocaching Internet site. It’s rather like a scavenger hunt that can be played at any time, on any day, world-wide. We ‘Geocache’ locations nearby our home and when we travel. Previously, I’ve logged in my ‘Finds’ (when a cache is found) only through my husband’s account. This week I launched my own account and created trackable Travel Bugs to go with it."
The Travel Bugs roam from one Geocache site to another as they are found, picked up and relocated. The mission for each Travel Bug is to re-visit locations mentioned in the Shannon Delaney novels. And while the Shannon Delaney novels are centered in California, many additional locations within, and outside of, the USA, figure into the plot of each novel. 

It is not necessary to have read the Shannon Delaney novels to hunt for the Travel Bugs. Listed on the Geocaching web site and on Eagan-Cox’s web site, each Travel Bug has a brief summary about locations it needs to travel to in order to complete its mission. Eagan-Cox invites readers of the Shannon Delaney novels to contact her if they have suggestions for additional Travel Bug locations. She explains, "I have not listed all locations relative to the novels for the Travel Bugs to visit, so I would love for readers to let me know of additional locations, and I will add those locations to my web site and to my Geocaching site." Eagan-Cox can be reached via her web site: www.ElizabethEaganCox.net


  1. An update: I launched this New Release exactly one week ago. As of late yesterday, I have had 356 visits (not hits, rather, visits are a time frame of 15 minutes or more)to the specific page on my web site that tells about the Travel Bugs. Overall, visits to my web site, especially the page that has chapter extracts and links to retailers, has increased two-fold in the last 7 days. I've also received email from readers who are Geocachers, suggesting additional locations... as of today, when I create a new Travel Bug for the next novel: A Ghost of Brother Jonathan's (almost done writing it) I will send that Travel Bug to New Mexico, where a reader lives and he will be the first to place the Travel Bug in a Geocache site.

    Thanks for blogging this Arline!

  2. Than YOU for sharing, Elizabeth! You always have the best ideas.