Friday, April 12, 2013

Catching UP!

All the checks went out on Thursday, Paypal payments were
completed on Monday. If anyone needs their sales report,
Please, e-mail Now I can really get back to work!
Books that went to press, or back to press this week:

KNIGHT & DAY, by Kathryn J. Bain
   A “no man” policy doesn’t count when someone’s trying to kill you.

Galleys that went out, or went out again this week:

BURIED TRUTH, by Gunter Kaesdorf
    Young Attorney Brooke Wheeler searches for a truth buried under the surface and suppressed by long held secrets.

PARADOX, by Terry L. White
   Her mother says Rae Ann will never amount to anything, but can she hold on to her dream to earn a degree, and make a better life for herself?


    A volunteer firefighter and EMT battles PTSD along with the blazes.

 WITHOUT MOM, by David Ravenswood
     Ever since his mother died, David Sinclair, a tenth grader,
can’t seem to finish anything he starts

Work began or continued on the following:

EXTREME INFLUENCE, by Ann Nolder Heinz
   Can divorced civil engineer Hannah McPherson is making a new life for herself in a small Illinois town?

WIFE, LOST AND FOUND, by Ludima Burton
   How do you find a missing wife?

FREE FALL by Ann Nolder Heinz
    Anne Galloway leads the perfect life—until it inexplicably begins to fall apart.

Books waiting for information from the authors:
A DESIRE PATH, by Jan Shapin.
   What makes women fall for men who are tied to political causes?

TIME: A Seasonal Short Story Collection by Gianni DeVincenti Hayes

SNIPER ON THE ROOF, by Warren Graffeo

Thanks for all the help, Everyone! 
 PS: Roger's saw two bunnies and a snake who were also celebrating spring! 
The Bradford Pear is in bloom.

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