Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sharp Writ Book Awards

At the end of Ozark Girl, Charlene Ridley had finished eighth grade and finished with life in the Ozarks, or so it seemed. We meet her again in Getting Smart, following her along the bumpy roads of life in the Ozark hills. We share with her those experiences — happy, confusing, painful— that continue to shape her life. We see her figuring out the new rules—her mother’s and those unwritten rules of high school life. Bobby Ray is back, as are Leitha, Jeannie, Fig, Jerry, and most of the Boogey Flats residents we met earlier. But there are also new people entering Charlene’s life, and they play an important role in helping her to "get smart."


I know some of our authors are Mensa Members have not heard of most of the other organizations. Also this seems costly, but...

Submissions for the 2012
Sharp Writ Book Awards are Now Open!

Super Early:  April 30th - US $40.00 or equivalent in foreign currency
Early Bird: June 30th - US $55.00 or equivalent in foreign currency
Regular: August 31st - US $70.00 or equivalent in foreign currency
Books authored by members of the recognized high IQ societies* – August 31st  - US $55.00 or equivalent in foreign currency
*Recognized High IQ Societies:
  • Mensa Internationaland various Mensa National Organizations
  • Ingenium HIQS
  • Uniq Society
  • Logiq Society

Ready to submit an entry?   Download and entry form in either fillable PDF or MS Word format.  Entry form can be mailed with submission OR emailed to

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