Friday, February 15, 2013

Catching UP!

                                    An Oldie, but a Goodie, by Elena Dorothy Bowman

People vanishing 10 years before the new millennium, the first space-exploration starship, Earth Star-I, lost in deep space fifty-one years later - Is there a connection between these unexplained disappearances and a village along the rocky coast of New England, a place called Sarah's Landing? Joshua Morgan is the Astronaut/Biologist searching for answers and is unaware his quest will take him to the far reaches of space and to an alien planet no one knew existed. Joshua's finds love for two different woman on two different worlds, light years apart. His love for these women results in the birth of two sons - one from the alien planet, one from Earth, and both empowered with mind-linking capabilities.

Shelley is on Vacation for the Next Two Weeks. 

She will be out of the country, visiting her family, so if you send her e-mail she will not respond. Please let me know of any problems, or if she is needed. be patient. She will come home to her husband and my grand-puppy soon. 

Catching UP!

Things are moving a bit slowly this week, due to illness in the family. Dear Hubby is feeling better every day, but meanwhile we are taking things one at a time and jumping through all the DRs hoops!

 Books that went to press this week: 


Galleys that went out this week:


Work began or continued on the following:


FREE FALL, by Ann Nolder Heinz

DABBLERS, by Kathryn Flatt

TIME: A Seasonal Short Story Collection by Gianni DeVincenti Hayes

MICAH'S JEWEL: Moretti Men Series, Vol. 1, by Anna Dynowski

TRANSIT OF VENUS, by Moishe Garfinkle.

SNIPER ON THE ROOF, by Warren Graffeo

STAR WOLF, by Warren Graffeo

MICAH'S JEWEL: Moretti Men Selrlies, Vol. 1, by Anna Dynowski



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