Friday, February 1, 2013

Just after private detective Jack Watson vowed not to be choosy about taking any case to end a lull in business, who walks into his office but his ex-wife. Dr. Victoria Pressler, the famous psychologist also known as The Mind Bender, had once made Jack’s life pure hell, and now she wants him to figure out if her new lover, a handsome young tennis player, loves her or her money. Jack accepts the case, hoping to find some dirt on Clayton “Butch” Anderson to take Victoria down a peg, and also to prove to himself that Victoria no longer retains her old power over him. Soon, however, Jack learns that Butch may be fronting for an elusive assassin known as The Changeling, a nameless enigma who traps innocents to shield him, and through Victoria’s position on an organizing committee, getting the killer access to a gala show in Chicago. Even as Jack navigates his way down some dark paths of his past, he must race against the clock to identify both the killer and his target before the show and keep its star performer, Jack’s one-time client Tabitha Solo, out of the crosshairs.

Paper books that went to press, or back to press this week:


e-Books that went to press this week:

EXTREME INFLUENCE: Book 4 in the Fox River Valley Series, by Ann Nolder Heinz

STRANGER FACES: Book 3 of the Faces Series, by Kathryn Flatt

Paper Galleys that went out, or went out again, this week:

GAME FACES, by Kathryn Flatt

CHANGELING KILL, by Kathryn Flatt

Work Continued or began on the following titles:

TRAPPED BY TERROR, by Anita Dumont

DABBLERS, by Kathryn Flatt

TIME: A Seasonal Short Story Collection by Gianni DeVincenti Hayes

SNIPER ON THE ROOF, by Warren Graffeo

STAR WOLF, by Warren Graffeo

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