Friday, February 22, 2013

Catching UP!

by Newton Love

When Nick Schaevers takes the case, his client is already in prison, convicted of murdering a business partner. If ever there was a need for St. Jude--the Patron Saint of desperate situations--to intercede, this was it. To discover who framed his client, Nick must break laws, both statute and spiritual, and wager his life in a dangerous bet before he is through. What's a good Catholic boy doing in the killing business anyhow? Can Nick stay in the business without irreparably staining his soul? In the course of the investigation, Nick meets Wendy Crooks, who may be the soul-mate he had almost given up on meeting. The psychological strain of his life and work circumstances crossed with a new woman causes him to grow but develop new neurosis, too.

Catching UP!
Things are moving a bit slowly this week. Shelley is still away at a family wedding. Sure hope she is having fun.  Meanwhile Roger is feeling better and we are hoping he recovers soon.

Author Judy Reveal reports that someone has sent spam from her e-mail address (as can happen to anyone) and reminds us all never to open an e-mail for ANYONE that contains just a link with no message.

 Books that went to press this week: 


Galleys that went out this week:
MAICAH'S JEWEL: Moretti Men Series, Vol. 1, by Anna Dynowski
GAME FACES: Faces Series, Vol. 2, by Kathryn Flatt
DR. SHABBAZ, by Dan Klefstad.
Work began or continued on the following:

FREE FALL, by Ann Nolder Heinz

TRANSIT OF VENUS, by Moishe Garfinkle.

Books waiting for information from the authors:

TIME: A Seasonal Short Story Collection by Gianni DeVincenti Hayes

CHANGELING KILL, by Kathryn Flatt

SNIPER ON THE ROOF, by Warren Graffeo

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