Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Thought we would be through by now...

Thought we would be through by now, but we are still writing checks, Shelley is doing extra hours on her other job and couldn't do it this month and my arthritis makes it difficult for me to write by hand at all, hence the delay. Sorry to be so slow.

They should all go out in the mail, tomorrow. Those who have opted to be paid by PayPal will have their money this afternoon.

Choosing payment through Paypal is an option for any author who has an account there. It saves us postage, which is getting more and more expensive, and your money can not be lost in the mail. We always use it for those outside the USA, as our bank has a hefty surcharge ($18 each) for checks cashed abroad. But anyone here can choose that venue for payment if they like. All you have to do is let us know you prefer it, and make certain we have a record of the e-mail address that is the one you accept payments to.

The title that sold the most copies this quarter is pictured above, the latest in the Shannon Delaney series by Elizabeth Eagan-Cox. In fact that whole series holds a strong lead, thanks to Elizabeth Eagan-Cox's persistent marketing via Internet Radio.

Overall sales were down for the spring, but then they usually are at this time of year, because folks are gardening and working outside more, so spend less time reading. The only slower time for book sales is the holiday season, when folks are spending money on gifts for others.

A good many authors had quite high sales at www.fictionwaise.com, but most of the money went to pay conversion fees. Fictionwise converts to nine different formats and sells from their site. They charge $15 a title for each one we list, and the money comes out of sales, before either the authors or the company collects a dime. It is an expense we share, equally. Whenever FW pays us, WHATever they pay, the author receives a 50% royalty.

Current sales figures from Fictionwise, follow:

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Best Sellers for ebooksonthe.net
Based on data gathered within the last 20 days.    Icon explanations
1. Long [89515 words]Return of Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs [Classic Literature]
2. Short [5762 words]Tales of Courage by Marie Prato [Children's Nonfiction]
3. Long [121796 words]Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen [Classic Literature]
4. Long [79896 words]Eye of the Storm by Tom Glaviano [Suspense/Thriller/Mainstream]
5. Long [82178 words]Memoirs of a Slave Girl by Harriet Jacobs [People]
6. Long [78763 words]Web of Fear by Marie Prato [Suspense/Thriller]
7. Long [71385 words]Bodily Harm by Arlene Stadd [Suspense/Thriller]
8. Short [21781 words]Timequake by Patricia Uletilovic [Children's Fiction]
9. Short [23693 words]Merlin's Return by Patricia Uletilovic [Young Adult]
10. Mid-Length [42774 words]Serenade of the South by Louise Ulmer [Mystery/Crime]

(Any titles you already own will not be added.)
Highest Rated for ebooksonthe.net
Based on highest average ratings by at least 5 readers.    Icon explanations
1. Long [66889 words]A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett [Classic Literature/Children's Fiction]
2. Long [121796 words]Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen [Classic Literature]
3. Long [61049 words]Minder's Oath [High Places Series: Book 2] by Nina M. Osier [Science Fiction/Mainstream]
4. Long [98906 words]Ghost Dancer by Arline Chase [Historical Fiction]
5. Long [113180 words]Captain Blood by Rafael Sabatini [Suspense/Thriller/Classic Literature]
6. Long [57142 words]The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie [Mystery/Crime/Classic Literature]
7. Long [75310 words]The Secret Adversary [Tommy and Tuppence Book 1] by Agatha Christie [Classic Literature]
8. Long [68911 words]Dark Elf: [Book 2 of the Red Knight Chronicles] by Ray Morand [Science Fiction/Mainstream]
9. Long [70408 words]Slow Dancing with the Angel of Death [Hollis Ball and Sam Westcott Series Book 1] by Helen Chappel [Mystery/Crime/Humor]
10. Long [76981 words]Tortured Souls [Arbiter Series Book 2] by Matthew L. Schoonover [Horror]

(Any titles you already own will not be adde

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