Monday, May 28, 2012

Please KNOW, the spam is NOT from us!

Ever since my first ISP went out of business, I have kept the email address active and had it forwarded to whatever my current ISP is.  In the last 14 years, that has changed six times, but my goal, in having in use is so that anyone who has that address can always reach me

CURRENTLY, Someone is sending a great deal of spam (judging  from the number of undeliverable messages I'm receiving) purporting to be from At least that is what is on the Return address line.

ANYONE CAN TYPE ANYTHING IN THAT LINE. And when folks do business on the Internet some people take delight in appropriating their e-mail to send less-than-appropriate messages.

This message appears to say:

"good day, how do you think you remember me now, I ve dug up on the
 Internet, will be very interesting"  

It's barely English and probably contains a trojan to rip off still more e-mail addresses from your addressbook. Never answer such a message or click on any contact links in one.

If you receive anything like that and it says "From: PLEASE KNOW THAT I DID NOT send these messages. Nor are any of the bogus messages I've had returned to anyone in MY addressbook.  BUT SOMEONE SENDING SPAM IS USING MY RETURN ADDRESS.

If you get any of it, I am sorry

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