Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Chicken Livers -- Recipe

Young adults will enjoy Henry Hayne's  book about teens from a military family who move into an urban setting.

Sandra List’s Chopped Chicken Livers

1     pound chicken livers, trimmed
2     medium onions, chopped
1/4     cup rendered chicken fat
1     teaspoon salt
½     teaspoon freshly ground pepper
2     hard-cooked eggs, halved

Saute chopped onions in large skillet in chicken fat (you can use corn oil or margarine if you are apprehensive about using chicken fat). Add chicken livers and saute until they are cooked--pink, not bloody.

Let cool. Put into bowl of food processor and add salt and pepper. Process until coarsely ground (or finer if you wish). Add the eggs at the last minute (you can also add a smudge of light mayo or Miracle Whip for creaminess).

Chill; you can serve with crackers or bagel chips as an appetizer. Also goes good on a bagel as a sandwich spread (lettuce and tomato go great with this).

Contributed by the late Sandra List, author of the ghost story  Lizzie’s Gold, a collection of  poetry, and who was the only one of the publishers at who knew anything about technology. We miss you, Sandy.

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