Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DRM encoding -- question from the e-mail

Question: Do you make sure our books are DRM encoded when you post them for sale everywhere? If not, Why not? Why should we make it easy for pirates.

Answer: I never opt for DRM these days. I used to, but have found it to be MUCH more trouble than help.  First the coding for DRM can get in the way of the books opening in different devices. This happened early on and still happens.  MOST of our returns from, come with the complaint, "File wouldn't open" and they are wihtout exception files with DRM.

ANYONE with a little technical knowledge and a copy of Microsoft Word 97 or later can  open a DRM protected file. It's not hard. Even I can do it and my technical in-expertise is legendary.

I used to opt for it if the author asked me particularly to do so, but I now preempt that decision as I feel it is unwise to choose DRM in any venue. It angers  customers and really can't stop anyone who is determined to open your file.

BOTTOM LINE: DRM does NOT prevent pirates from stealing your books.

If you want the whole scoop on DRM, check out the following blog.

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