Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My books disappeared -- writing tip

Question from the e-mail: I sent a friend to Mobipocket to buy my books and she couldn't find them. I checked and they are not listed. They were there before. Any idea what happened...?


Thanks for the heads up.

Mobi was bought by amazon several years ago. Just now they are revamping the site with new software. They have dropped their entire past inventory and are in the process of picking up their available titles from the Kindle store at Amazon and converting that information to Mobi format. Amazon is also in the process of opening new International stores in Italy, France, Germany, etc. for folks with Kindle devices who want to buy in Euros.

Your titles are both listed for Kindle. All the Kindle titles will be available on Mobi, so your book will "return" there whenever the software catches up.

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