Friday, January 6, 2012

Catching UP!

New Books were posted to the site on Jan. 1:

New Paper:

LOOKING FOR MIDNIGHT, by Helen Chappell, a stripper staying at an artist's colony while writing a tell-all book is murdered.

FIRST WALTZ, by Terry L. White. A sergeant from upstate New York falls for a local girl, while guarding German prisoners of war in Cambridge, MD.

ON WINGS OF TRUST, by Anna Dynowsky. Cupid Cat, the Harmony Village matchmaker, is back at work in the fourth of the Christian Romance series.

New e-books:

LADYSLIPPERS FOR MY LADY: First in the Coverton Mills Series, by Lynette Hall Hampton.

Whether it is coincidence, fate , or predestination, 53-year-old author, Heather Masterson’s life changes in Asheville, NC, when a man lays a book in front of her and says, “Please sign this to the real Alex Hargrove.”


In this whirlwind adventure encompassing two best friends’ race to the truth, Rebecca and Riley discover the shocking power time holds through its influence on history – and how one mistake can threaten to send the lives of an entire civilization into chaos.

DEADLY RECEPTION, by C. M. Albrecht.

Chef Merle Blanc, he has the nose. And when millionaire Bernard Goldberg dies during his wedding luncheon in the chef's restaurant, Chef Blanc's nose, he smells murder!

MURDER BY BEST-SELLER, by Gabriel Timar.

Matching wits with competent criminals is the forte of Detective Sergeant Eva Wyatt. In this fast paced story, her quick thinking bags a contract killer, but to find the person who hired the shooter is a hard nut to crack.

PRINT BOOKS that went to press, or back to press, this week: None

E-BOOKS that went to press, or back to press this week: None

GALLEYS that went out or went out again this week: None

YEAR END bookkeeping and corporate tax info is complete and with the accountants. 1099s will be sent to all who earned more than $600 in sales.

PAYROLL for the last quarter of 2011 has begun and should be complete in a week or ten days.


Barnes & Noble Mulls Splitting Nook Business And Selling “Dead Tree”
Publishing Company<>[image:

Two bits of news crossed the wire this morning, neither of them good for traditional publishing. First, Barnes&Noble has reportedly put their publishing arm<>, Sterling Publishing (their vanity press function), up for sale, a company it bought in 2009 for $115 million. Sterling produces puzzle, game, and crafts books for kids and adults. Not as big a deal as it sounds, but it still points to a reduced
interest in paper-based sudoku.

Second, B&N is mulling the spin-off of the Nook business, a move that will shelter the burgeoning epub business and, more important, pull it out of the listing ship that is B&N proper (the Brick and Mortar Stores). The company reported a loss of $6.6 million this quarter, down about half from last year, but the Nook business has thus far been quite lucrative, leading the company to “pursue strategic exploratory work to separate the NOOK business.”

The Nook generated most of B&N’s online sales for a total of $327 million in revenue, an increase of 43%. Quote a B&N press release, “This increase was driven by continued growth of the NOOK business, offset by a decline in online physical product sales.” All nook sales brought the company $448 million, with an increased potion of that coming through third-party retailers – a point that doesn’t look good for the actual book stores.

In all, they sold 70% more Nook devices over last year.

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