Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ray Morand's Chicken Kebabs -Recipe

Author Ray Morand shares the following recipe from our anthology, WHAT'S COOKING?

Ray Morand’s Chicken Kebabs

2 pounds chicken
16 small onions
8 green peppers
sansho powder (optional)
(Alternative: add carrots)

½ cup soy sauce
½ cup mirin
1-2 tbsp. Sugar

Cut vegetables into bite sized pieces. Cut chicken in bite sized pieces. Place on skewers. Simmer sauce. Grill kebabs and brush sauce over them as they cook. Sprinkle with sansho powder if desired and serve.

Ray Morand* is the author of Modified... The year is 2106 and the human race finally united under one world government, but a slave race of Artificial Intelligence Clones want their freedom and genetically engineered soldiers were created to combat them. The Space Marines are fighting a losing battle and one genetically engineered female Navy Seal may be the secret to winning the war.

* Ray Morand is the pen name of Raye Carchia

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