Friday, February 12, 2010

E-book or Ebook??? + Galley News

There has been a flurry of recent questions about which is correct on some of the lists lately with some folks arguing both ways adamantly!, but nowhere did I see anyone who had looked in the dictionary for the correct spelling.

The Webster's Dictionary at says both are DEFINITELY hyphenated. So while you may casually check your email every morning, if you write it down, you "Check your e-mail." Neither is capitalized unless it's at the beginning of a sentence as they are ordinary, not proper nouns, just like mail and mailbox.

E-book galleys went out for Terry L. White's CHESAPEAKE VISIONS, the fourth in her Chesapeake Series, this week.

And also for Shel Damsky's DEATH ON APPEAL, for the second in his Gideon Pomeroy series. With luck, both will be done and for sale in March.

Gone BACK to press Print books include:

JENNY'S LEGACY, by Cassandra Barnes (held up in production and in the final process at LAST!!!)

TIME RIFT by Elena Bowman, that had an error on the cover and needed a re-up.

Print book publication for new efforts will be somewhat delayed due to the crash of Sandy's computer, where the software for making bar codes lived.(And died!) She has a new one on order but who knows when she'll get it with all the SNOW???? ;P

We will still be working on the next batch of print books, but can't go to press with any of them until we get the bar codes. ;) Like the boy scouts, be prepared for a wait.

Those titles on that list include:

DEMONCHASER, by David Berardelli

CHESAPEAKE VISIONS, Chesapeake Series, vol. 4, by Terry L. White


HEIRARCHY OF TERROR, Arbiter Series, Vol. 4, by Matthew L. Schoonover

HUNTED, Hope Falls series, vol. 2, by Jamieson Wolf

LOST MEMORIES, Red Knight Chronicles, vol. 3, by Ray Morand

KISS OF NIGHT, by K. S. Brooks

MURDEROUS ROOTS, by Virginia Winters


CALL SIGN LOVE by Carlene Dater


GHOST MEETS AN ANGEL, Shannon Delaney series, vol. 4, by Elizabeth Eagan-Cox

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    I’ve been a published and fairly extensively reviewed novelist for four decades, and I’ve been a regular book reviewer for almost three decades, and so I can see both sides of the transaction. As a novelist these days, most of the reviews I get are online, newspaper and paper magazine review space dwindling away towards the vanishing point. As a reviewer, my living space has been overrun with galleys and review copies for as long as I’ve been reviewing, in a house in Los Angeles, in apartments in New York and Paris, it doesn’t matter, I get many, many more books than I’m going to review or even read, I can’t give them away fast enough, and I can’t bring myself to throw books in the garbage when I don’t have a fireplace or burn them when I do.
    From the publishers’ point of view, huge amounts of money are being wasted on this practice, and from an ecological point of view, many, many trees. I for one am ready to do my part in updating this whole business, and I believe other reviewers and also publishers would be happy to do likewise.
    I think I may have the beginning of a solution via ebook readers, but its rather complicated, I haven’t figured out the details, and I think it would be best if there was interactive communication among reviewers and publishers because I don’t think I can accomplish much of anything alone. So rather than spam y’all with the detailed proposal, I’m putting it on my interactive blogsite, NORMAN SPINRAD AT LARGE:

    Let’s see if together we can clean up living space for reviewers, save a lot of money for publishers, make it easier for more books to be reviewed online, and eliminate the waste of enormous amounts of paper.