Thursday, February 11, 2010

MORE, Pirates Again!

Sorry, spoke too soon!

The site I mentioned earlier today

is only a search engine, that promises to get you a free copy download if:

1. You give them all your info, like address, email address, and pertinent numbers when you "Register." If you do give them all that info, it can be used to send you spam, or steal your identity, but they don't seem to mention those options. Many pirate sites today are only trolling for customer information and this seems to be another one.

2. You can only download if you swear you OWN the copyright or have permission to copy the file. In their terms of agreement, quoted below, they say the downloader MUST have the copyright holder's permission to download, but I doubt they check if you lie about it.

Also apologies to who registered the domain, but have NO control over the content of the site.

Here's the "Official" terms of service:

Please Share Responsibly!

Your purchase of a membership is expressly conditioned upon your agreement to not knowingly use our member’s area or any software therein to share files that are protected by copyrights. Use of our services constitutes your acceptance and agreement with all of the terms of the license.

We do not provide a license to upload and/or download copyrighted materials, thus you are still required to abide by local and international copyright laws and regulations.

To use our services legally, you must have the permission of the owner of the copyrights for each file in your possession.

Please choose an option below and click the "Submit" button to continue.

I understand and agree to the above mentioned terms and conditions

I do not agree to the terms and conditions

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