Friday, April 15, 2016

Catching UP!

No Books that went to press, or went back to press this week:

Galleys that went out, are still out, or went out again this week.
 Trying to find your place in high school can be a challenging time in a young girl’s life, even more if you have a brain disorder. Being diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, Chloe deals with the difficulties of trying to fit in with the right friends. Wanting to please them she gets into some situations leading to many disappointments. Chloe doesn’t see the destructive path she has made for herself or care about the consequences. With the end of the school year coming to a close can Chloe change things in time to graduate high school with her classmates or has she destroyed any chance of getting her diploma on time?

CEMETERY WALK: A Hannah Griswold Mystery, Vol. 3, by Robert Kanehl
   Walking in a cemetery can be peaceful and reflective, as long as you don’t hear voices. Hannah Griswold, however, does hear voices. Why are they calling to her? Why can’t she have a normal teenage life? 

THE SINS OF THE FATHERS, by A.A. MANN.  A Dora the D.R.E. Mystery, Vol. 1, by A.A. Mann
    As a Director of Religious Education at Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church in the border town of San Pequeno, Texas,  Dora meets many interesting and unusual people.     This time 
   she meets Death.
Cover subject to Change
Work began or Continued on the following:
SECOND GROWTH, by Joan L. Cannon
    SECOND GROWTH relates Serge Dziminowicz’s evolution as he learns to accept his own need for support. His career and marriage destroyed simultaneously by his father. Forced to leave New York, bereft of his wife and daughter, his reputation and his livelihood, he finds his second growth at last in rural Vermont, where he meets an existence unlike any he remembers. 

Cover Subject to Change
MINISTER'S CORPORATE ESCAPADES:The Rev. Castle series, Vol. 2, by Celine Rose Mariotti.
Rev. Castle is back with another cosy mystery.

THE MURDER OF SECRETARY JUDD CANE: Adventures on Capitol Hill Series, Vol. 2 by Celine Rose Mariotti.
     If you liked The Kidnapping of Senator Andy Thompsonyou’ll be excited to read The Murder of Secretary Judd Cane. This time Murder stalks the House of Representatives as Congressman Michael Rhodes is accused of murdering Secretary Cane.

Cover Subject to Change

A HEART DIVIDED: I Live in Two Worlds Series, Vol. 2, by DJ Swykert
   Maggie is torn between her powerful love for Tommie Stetter, and her deep and affectionate love for the abiding Jeremy Paull. Maggie is faced with a difficult decision, and against her own ideals, the teachings of the church and community, makes an unusual choice.

Cover  Subject to Change
NIBBLES by Elanvita Mufti
   A story of high school students facing acomplicated future in Djakarta, Indonesia.

Cover Subject to Change 
BLEEDING HEARTS: Killian Kendall Mystery Series, Vol. 1
   Winner of the Stonewall Society's 2002 Pride in the Arts Literary Award in the Whodunit Category! 
REAP THE WHIRLWIND: Killian Kendall Mystery Series, Vol. 2,  by Josh Aterovis. 
   Suicide, or murder? That's the question in the second Killian Kendall mystery. Will Smith suspects murder when an old childhood pal drowns, and asks his friend Killian for help in solving the mystery.

TRUTH OF YESTERDAY,  by Josh Aterovis

ALL LOST THINGS, by Josh Aterovis

CHANGE  OF WORLDS, by Josh Aterovis

Jack's News!

  by your Official Bookstore Cat, 
and Gossip Columnist

Heard from author Celine Rose Mariotti, who is having her first-ever Book Signing on May 21st. (Details Later.) She already has several books published and sent the ms. for the second in her Rev. Castle series this week!  Way to go, Celine.

Arline finally got everyone paid, thank goodness, but she's still not back to normal, if you ask me. 

I got her up for treats at 4 a.m. yesterday and the treat bag was empty! Me and my baby sister, Spunky, were both waiting and our gentle reminders were probably getting a bit loud, cause I heard Roger mutter, "What's going on?" from the bedroom.

Anyway, she finally noticed the treat bag had nothing in it, and got the new one from the cupboard, and tossed some in our dishes, and started right back to bed.

WELL! I looked at Spunky and she looked at me, and we  both stared at our bowls, and gave her our best "Deprived Kitty" looks. But she just didn't get it.  

We could hardly believe it, ourselves! She had filled our Treat dishes with Ordinary KIBBLE! 

She kept looking at us like WE were the stupid ones, for not eating that "Nothing-Like-A-Treat" stuff. Finally, she just  shrugged.

We tried and tried to tell her. And I guess we did get pretty loud, because Roger yelled again, "Will you two pipe down?!" from the bedroom. 

So we gave up and ate it. But, really!

I felt insulted and I know Spunky did, too. (Although she is such a suck-up she hardly ever complains no matter what they do, unless I start it, of course.) 

Later, around 8 a.m., when Roger went to open a new bag of cat food, for our regular breakfast, all he found in the cupboard was the full bag of treats! 

Boy, did he razz her! He's still laughing.

Please let me know how everyone is doing... so I'll have some news for next week.

Just send an e-mail to with 
 "News for Jack" 

in the subject line, and

I'll make sure it shows up right here
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