Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Authors helping other authors...

by Mary Cox-Pace and Arline Chase
Tips on getting your book "out there" -- This book offers advice on everything from finding review sources, to writing press releases, to making your first speech and TV appearances.

Book Promotion, Author's Advice

People have asked me a number of times how authors can help one another on Facebook, Linked In, Good Reads, and other social media sites.  
It's very simple to do.  If you see a post from our company, me, or any of the other authors we publish, you should "Share" the info and also "Like" them. That will help boost how far the post travels into cyberspace and we all know that no one ever buys a book unless they know it exists. 
Spreading the word across the Internet by liking and Sharing the books of other authors, you also increase the number of times your own posts get shared, because if you post often FB will single you out as a buys user and will help boost your audience. When you do that it will always help get  your postings a wider range on Newsfeed.

Be careful what you say and friend everyone who asks.  Remember, the more friends you have the more people will become aware of your written work. Stay public if you want people to be able to get info about your books. 
Look up your favorite authors on FB and send them a friend request. They will not say no. They want to sell books, too. And remember, whoever shares your info will be passing it along to all their friends as well.
I am not on FB as often as many of you, or even as often as I'd like. But I try to check in once a day, to like what I see from all our authors, and to share anything you  have posted about your books.
If you want to eventually sell books, let people know what are writing. Tell all your friends if your wrote a new chapter yesterday. Post a page on your blog once a week, saying what progress you have made on your work in progress.  Post possible covers here and let your friends comment. When the book advance copy comes out! Post the news  about it.  When the e-book copies become available (you will know because you'll get copies of them). Post about that! When the official launch date happens POST again! Ditto for launch parties, personal appearances, and whatever you do to promote your work.
Friending other authors is always a good idea, too. Some of you have done this. Some may already know some other authors. But anyone looking for authors to friend, can easily find them at the Write Words Inc. -- www.writewordsinc.com -- book store. IF you are friends with other authors and help them boost their work, they, in turn will do the same for you.

If you need reviews, comments, help with early readings, remember, those are the friends you can ask to help.
Every author gets copies of the e-book files to use for review purposes and for promotion.  If a friend has been interested, ask them to review the work and send them a review copy. They can post the rewiew on Good Reads, on Amazon.com, or other places on the net. Or they can send it to you and you can do it.

Get to know one another and act as a team. We are all in this together. We can help one another out. And it doesn't take a lot of time or thought.

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