Monday, September 29, 2014

E-mail Question

Harmony Village Series, Vol 2

Harmony Village, Ontario, isn’t your average town. It definitely isn’t Toronto. No glittering lights. No classy concert halls. No high-end boutique shops. Nothing. Yet, with ticket sales for performances and CD sales declining, ultra-modern pop singer, Arabella Bianchi, ends up there—thanks to her agent, who sends her to Harmony to “grow new fans in a different part of the country.” What this provincial town does have is a handsome, single, and very conservative pastor, Krystian Jasicki, who is unimpressed with the arrival of his “Christmas present” with the rock-star haircut, funky clothes, and a stud in her nose. What the Pastor has, is a cat named, "Cupid."

Question from the e-mail from Anna Dynowski:  I have checked my e-mail online servers and they don't have you on any spam or blocked lists at all. You said, to check my local sender and I'm not sure what you meant by that. Can you explain?

Answer:  Sure thing, Anna!

Everyone has a local ISP and  no matter where you get your mail, it is usually forwarded to your local service provider. It is that ISP that sends OUT your e-mails when you send, because it owns your connection to the Internet.  

Most of  us  choose an on-line provider for e-mail so that our address will not change if we switch our local ISP.  BUT the actual "send from" address will be your local service provider's -- no matter what you type in the "Return to:" line. 

My online address is:  MY local ISP is:  I have been on line since 1988 and Comcast is my 11th local ISP.

I rarely get e-mail addressed to Comcast. I Never send out e-mail from, although that is the return address on all my e-mail, because it is the one I use the most AND the one that won't change and has not changed since 1988 when I set it up.

But all my mail is FORWARDED and DELIVERED to, so I can read  with the e-mail program in my computer. I don't use Outlook Express, but most people do. My computer is attached by cable to as they are my Internet Service Provider. 

Comcast automatically collects a List of spam addresses, that, UNLESS I STOP IT, WILL KEEP ME FROM RECEIVING ANY  MAIL FROM THEM. I have checked that and always keep it set to "no restrictions." I would rather have to discard 100 spam messages a day, than to miss one message from any of you.

E-mail is usually the best way to reach me. I am deaf and don't hear well on the telephone, but can always hear e-mail.

Because it is an old address, and one that is used  for a business, often comes in for abuse by spamers. All my former students still have it, and use it to ask me questions, though I havent actually taught a class since 2006. 

People are currently sending spam from BOTH my e-mail addresses typed carefully into the "Reply to" slot.

NONE of you would choose to block me, I'm sure.  But if your ISP gets a lot of returned spam e-mail from one address (quite possible, as I only know the addresses are being abused, from the amount of spam that is returned to me) that ISP may block the spam-sending address without even telling you.   ALSO if you mark something as junk, without noticing the  return address is mine, it will defintitely block all mail from me.

I know JUNK has been going out that says it's from me. And I have a  growing list of people who are NOT getting mail from me, while I receive their messages perfectly well. It seems the problem has to be at the receiving end.

I am almost sure the problem is in the local settings for the Send program of the Local service provider. If you have not been receiving my mail, Please check the "send" settings on your local provider and remove any list of blocked addresses. Please leave your setting as "unrestricted," so that all mail is forwarded to you.

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