Monday, September 1, 2014

A Labor Day Weekend Treat

The Russian military is trying to perfect a secret system that will make their submarines virtually immune to attack, and secure them control of the world's seas. An American working in Russia as a spy for Israel is trying to uncover the secret. In The U.S.A. an unsuspecting family has developed a product that is capable of solving the one problem preventing the Russians from achieving their goal. russian agents, led by the country's top femal operative, Olga Andreyeva, are dispatched to steal the product's formula.

Happy Labor Day!
And more good news from

The new September Page for the Web Site will be finished this afternoon (at least I hope it will!), featuring the new books this month.

New Books for September!
CANDLE SONG, Poetry by Bobbi Sinha-Morey in Paper and ebook formats

DEOMONCHASER III, by David Berardelli in paper and e-book formats

THE PROMISE, by Karen Rossi in Paper and e-book formats

NIGHT UNDONE, by K. S. Brooks in paper

THE NEW NORMAL: A Novel of Alternate Reality,  by A.G. Case and P. A. Papineau
in paper and e-book formats.

News about Pricing and about New Editions

If you notice books popping up, seemingly out of turn in the sequence, here's why.  Paper prices have risen to the point where the pricing on some of our older titles no longer covers the costs. Amazon still lists them, but they are deemed "out of stock."

In order to get them better recommendations we are putting out "Second Editions" of some of our older works (those priced below $18.00).  This is not a labor intensive decision, as the printing and proofing usually doesn't need redoing. All we have to do is give them a new ISBN, with a higher price, and mark the older edition "Out of Print.

So if some of you wondered by books were Not always being done in order, this is the skinny:

We can replace an older edition with about an hour's work.

Books get delayed, too, when authors don't send galleys back on time, or send the list of corrections in a format we can use.  So while we try, as much as ever is possible, to do your work in the order it comes in, we cannot always guarantee the Friday lists on Catching UP! will always  show them in the order they appear.  We do always try to get all the books done as quickly as possible. 

We do know things have slowed considerably without Shelley to help. But we are doing the very best we can to get everything done. 

Question from the E-Mail: I'm new. Very happy with the way my book looks, but -- when can we expect to see payment for books sold? 

Answer: Authors are paid quarterly in: January, April, July, and October.  The next payment will be made early next month. Authors are always paid in the quarter after we receive payment from the vendors. We sell very little from our own Write Words Inc. web site. About 80% sell from About 8 % from Nook, the rest are scattered around at Kobo, Smashwords, etc. 

Some sites pay slower than others.  We received payment in late April from Smashwords for books they had sold last September. We paid those authors in July.  The good news is they are paying reliably, even if late...

Most sites pay monthly, but not in the month the book was sold in.  We just received a payment from Nook, for books sold in July.  When we do our October payments for Nook it will their checks for June, July, and August, as we won't receive September's payment from them until late in October. 

Hope everyone is enjoying  a wonderful holiday!!

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