Thursday, July 11, 2013

Newsflash 1 and 2

Alma Series, Vol. 1 by Beverly Jennings

Life is frustrating for a self-willed teenager, especially when her parents are Maria and Walter from the Maria Series. The early years of the 1950s finds Alma fighting against her parents' old fashioned ideas and rules. But Alma still manages to fit many exploits into her life while working at Aunt Maggie's riding stable.

Newsflash 1

Someone is sending SPAM from my address.  If you get it Please deleted it. Don't click on any lines!  Or links!! But please, please don't delete my address as it is the one I have used for business for 15 years.

Newsflash 2

Payroll is finished!!  I am taking a day off, but will be back at work tomorrow.

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