Saturday, July 13, 2013

Catching UP!

Books that went to press or back to press this week:

TIME: A Seasonal Short Story Collection, by Gianni Devincenti Hayes
   An eclectic collection of short stories that are like windows into the various stages of a life.

Galleys that went out, or went out again, this week:

POWERS IN BALANCE: Red Knight Chronicles, Vol. 6 by Ray Morand
   Morand creates her own world every bit as much as Tolkein or George R.R. Martin. In this final volume,there is a bloody war being waged between the mageruled Kingdom of Ludnikan led by the dark elf armies of the Nameless King against the elven Kingdom of Nadezhda and her ally the Kingdom of Niadhardal.

THE TIGER'S CUB: Sequel to Night of the Tiger, by Debi Emmons
   Chase Benton was born lucky. Aloriah Starbird swore she was the most unlucky
person ever. When lucky meets unlucky, whose luck wins out?

WIFE: Lost and Found, by Ludima Gus Burton
   Can it be we’re fated to love only once? What if we have loved and lost? Can we find love again?

EYE OF THE STORM, by Tom Glaviano
   When storm-chaser Clayton Ackerman covers a tropical storms battering the Gulf
Coast, he has an altercation with a young woman that turns deadly and opens his eyes to the
potential he’d overlooked for years.

SOLID OIL, by Russell Hunter
   The rainforest’s secret is known to a very few. But each is perfectly placed to profit from it. The secret is lithium – sometimes described as the oil of the 21st century – and the knowledge of it has spawned a crime cabal led by Vietnamese gangster-turned-investor Johnny Ho and including a diverse cast of crooks from a corrupt Scottish knight to a vicious Russian mafia boss.

Work began or continued on the following this week:

   A Snug Life Somewhere is about Penny Joe Copper, daughter of a roustabout shingle weaver, who is caught up in a 1916 union tragedy known as the Everett Massacre. Her brother Horace is killed, as is the cousin of a radical organizer, Gabe. When her love affair with Marcel, a music student seven years her junior, is thwarted, Penny Jo is pulled into Gabe’s campaign to avenge the “Everett Martyrs.”

SEER, TYRO, FIEND, by Kathryn Flatt
   When a fledgling investigator comes to Stefanie Durant's Windsong Lake art studio to ask her to use her psychic ability to find a missing insurance beneficiary, she refuses. Yet she cannot stop thinking about Nadine Oberg, a teen who ran away from home and disappeared on the streets of Chicago ten years ago.

LIVING THE CALL, by Barbara Garro
    By listening and answering God's call to serve...consider being a lifeboat and keeping people afloat. Hold out a ladder to raise people up. We are all God has to serve Him on our planet. Do you believe that? Or are you thinking God can do everything Himself?

    Lainee Delaney, social debutante turned private investigator wannabe, and substitute teacher gotta be to make ends meet, has just landed her first big case. Enter straight-laced and amazingly hot Cade Gainess, an acquaintance from Lainee's past who has done nothing but irritate her in their brief dealings with each other. 


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