Friday, December 14, 2012

Catching UP!

Dr. Piatt’s novel is one of the four most unique post- apocalyptic science fiction novels published in the past two decades. The earth is totally devastated by an atomic war and only a few hundred scientists survive as they hide deep inside the bowels of the earth. The setting of the Lechugilla’s Labyrinth is a metaphor for Plato’s Cave of illusions, and shadows of non-reality. After a battle ensues inside the caves between those of divergent religious and ideological differences, the remaining warriors have their brains programmed to remove all right brain constructs, including emotions, and free will. They become the ideal citizens in the Ideal Society. After thousands of years of an unemotional, but extremely productive existence, eight of the citizens mysteriously have their brains restored to their original state. The story tells of the spiritual, emotional, and physical journey, filled with danger, passion, and death as the eight new humans escape the shadows of the caves of false impressions into a new world of reality.

Books that went to press or back to press this week:

THE IDEAL SOCIETY, by James G. Piatt.

Galleys that went out, or went out again this week:


Work began or continued on the following:
TIME, by Gianni D. Hayes

FREE FALL, by Ann Nolder Heinz

Broken-hearted, New York debutante Christianna Lawrence flees her home and meets a Blackfoot white captive on Montana's high plains. Saved from a flash flood as a boy, Rowan Cameron was destined to become a shaman. Divided by cultural misunderstandings, the extraordinary lovers surpass contrasting beliefs and join forces against railroad saboteurs--only to unleash the magic and spirit of the Ghost Dancer. Eppie Finalist.

ISBN 1-59431-068-8 Historical / Romance / Mystery /Adventure       Price 0.00

Happy Winter Solstice!

Whatever other holiday you may celebrate at this time of year, all of us will enjoy a Winter Solstice. Well, no, Happy Summer Solstice, to those south of the Equator. But Happy solstice Everyone!
As a holiday gift to readers and customers, you can download this e-book free from now until New Years. Feel free to share the link with your friends. This is something we have been wanting to try for some time and possibly to offer to authors on our site as a promotional choice. But we wanted to make sure whether there are any gremlins attached to this process,  or IF folks could find the free link from a small site, so we're experimenting with one of mine.
You can Download the e-book from our site free by clicking on the link below:

This applies to the PDF e-book only, not the paperback.

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