Monday, December 17, 2012

A Holiday Poem for Everyone.


On the solstice, the Universe will realign,
   It has done so before, though not for 26,000 years...
Will it do so again,
   Surviving once more Universal the checks and balances
        Our Creator has set in motion.

It is the true celestial beginning of the “Age of Aquarius”           
   we sang of in the seventies, rejoicing in welcome...
Then, it signified hope and a time of peace and love
   As this time of year signifies
    For many of us, our High Holy Days...

As Christians, we are taught that God is Love
   As Jews, that the Creator cares greatly for us
As Budhists we believe in loving all creatures...
   All faith is rooted in love, but may be twisted
    By if power is misued in it’s name...

As gravity realigns this time, let us hear Good News
   Let us each find love in or hearts for one another
Not only for those who think like us, but for all..
  Whatever happens on that day, whether it is everything,
    Or nothing, is part of the Creator’s Plan.

            — Arline Chase,
                Thoughts Upon the Winter Solstice, 2012

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