Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Took a few days off...

...to enjoy the holiday.  Will Catch Up on Friday!

    Meanwhile... the ponies survived Sandy just fine, though the OC Boardwalk died.

        As did our Dishwasher, another victim of the trouble with the well pump, caused by the storm. Roger is out looking at new ones. Guess what I'm getting for Christmas...!

Meanwhile, as a holiday gift to everyone, no matter what holiday you celebrate, GHOST DANCER IS FREE until the end of December.

You can download Free it from:

or from:

This is PDF format that will work with all computers and most reading devices. You can e-mail me at
arline@mail.com if you'd rather have it in HTML or Rich Text.

Unfortunately we cannot make it free from all sites, but these two will work for you.

Happy Holidays!

Now back to writing my annual poem.

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