Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ray Morand’s Grandma Carchia’s Italian Cookies

                                                        Red Knight Chronicles, Vol. 5

Gunther has returned from the Northern Tribes and has brought back with him a woman he says is Conor’s lost cousin, Evelyn.

In addition to being a warrior-mage, Evelyn has the uncanny ability to communicate with any dragon, wild or domestic. Evfimi doesn’t seem to trust the new recruit, however Akulina finds something strangely familiar about the dragon-speaker, especially the way everyone seems to be captivated by her. Scaled Fist, Nexus, the Elven Queen, and even the supposedly still-grieving, Gunther.

                    Ray Morand’s Grandma Carchia’s Italian Cookies

5     cups white flour
3     Tbsp baking powder
1     cup milk
3     eggs
1     cup sugar
2     tsp flavoring (anise, lemon, orange or vanilla)
½     cup oil
½     cup milk

Beat eggs, sugar, baking powder and flavoring. Gradually add flour up to 3 cups.  Add ½ cup milk. Mix well and gradually add rest of flour, then milk mixing as you go. Pour ½ cup oil over mixture. Knead well about 20 times.

Pinch off a ball about one inch in diameter. Roll into long rope and tie in a knot or cross rope over itself. Bake about eight minutes at 400-F or 204-C degrees.

2         cups powdered sugar
2-3     Tbsp milk
5         drops food coloring
¼         tsp flavoring (your choice)

Combine all ingredients and drizzle over cookies as they cool.

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