Thursday, November 1, 2012

Blog is back!

This is a typical morning near where I live. Note how low the ground is. Tides with this storm were 3 to 4 feet above normal and so there is a lot of damage in the low-lying areas of our county.  It is the largest county in the state -- 640 square miles -- and has a total population of less than 30,000. So we are pretty spread out here.

Anyway, the power is back on. Again. And we are grateful...  Shelly had no water in the house, though the roads were submerged. My house is a good 6 feet above sea-level and we've never had and tide water. Rain water was six inches deep in the back yard, though.

With no electric, the well lost it's prime. So the water isn't safe to drink and we have no water at all in the kitchen, but Rog is working on it with the help of our sons.

All in all we have been blessed. Hope all of you are okay!


  1. Hi Arlene! Happy to hear that all of you are safe and well. We were pretty lucky...we had pounding rain and the howling wind whipping through our trees sounded like freight trains running past us. (I guess it was nature's pre-Halloween calling card). We lost a few heavy branches, but all in all no real damage. People in the area not far from us lost power, saw the power company working in their area today on the way to the drugstore. My brother's family on the Cape seemed to have escaped damage as well. Just the heavy swells coming up against their sea wall but the house is on higher ground. They were really lucky, because their house faces the ocean and they have a lot of windows on that side. Rattled a bit, but that was all. Really strange happenings around here, first an earthquake which shook us a bit, and this monstrous Hurricane so late in the season was unusual, especially one this disastrous. Hope you get your water and power back soon. Hugs!

    1. Well is fixed. Nice to have competent men in the family. Most every thing is back to normal.