Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Vegetable Tempura -- recipe

In Book One of the Red Knight Series, Judicator, Gwendolyn the Celebate, 
 is kidnapped to join an “army of the dead” led by Victor. She embraces 
 the future and her new identity as Captain Isobel. Isobel revels in her acceptance
 by the other warriors, and tries not to be too disturbed by some shady areas in 
Gwendolyn’s past. She is impressed by the Army’s domestication of dragons, 
and the sophisticated magical powers possessed by some of them. 

Though “Gwendolyn” has died and Isobel has taken her place, it soon 
becomes clear that someone is trying to kill her, or Victor, or both.

Vegetable Tempura ingredients:

4     fresh shiitake mushrooms
1     small sweet potato
1     carrot
20     slender string beans

Tentsu Sauce*:
1         cup daisho (bonito soup)
¼ to1/3     cup soy sauce
¼ - 1/3     cup mirin
    *Alternative sauce: Teriyaki Sauce

To Make Batter: (For light batter, use sifted flour and ice-cold water)

Beat eggs, stir in water. Add flour, mix lightly with chopsticks, using thick ends. Do not place batter near fire nor leave out too long before using, as it will become gluey. Only make one batch of batter at a time.

To Fry:

Fill deep frying pan with oil about 1" from the top. Should be three  inches deep. Start heating before making batter. Bring to medium heat when batter is ready.

Test temperature by dropping small amount of batter in oil with chopsticks. Do not try to fry too much at a time. No more than half the surface should be covered. Turn only once. When crisp, remove from oil, shake once or twice to remove excess oil.

Drain on rack or on paper towels arranged on colander. Do not lay one on top of another. Skim off excess dropping before frying a new batch.

When oil temp reaches 320 -F or 160-C degrees, begin frying peppers.  For vegetable tempura follow directions above with vegetables. Artistically arrange and serve with sauce.

Contributed by Ray Morand, author of The Red Knight Chronicles.

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