Thursday, October 18, 2012

Birdie DeCoursey's Crab Cakes - recipe

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October is the last of crab season, a time when crab meat is at its most reasonable, so it's a good time to make up a few batches of this recipe. Also the tail-end of your garden may provide you with some extra green peppers. You can shape the cakes and freeze them on a cookie sheet, then drop them after freezing into ziplock bags.  They will make a great quick meal all winter long. Just take as many as you need out of the bag, and fry them up.

Birdie DeCoursey’s Killraven Island Crab Cakes

1         lb. Crab meat (more if crabs are plentiful)
2         eggs
2/3      cup corn meal ( or left over mashed potatoes)
1/4      cup milk
1/4      cup grated onion
½        cup grated green pepper
1         tsp. Salt
½        tsp Pepper
½         tsp curry* powder** more if you like it spicey

In a bowl, beat eggs, milk, and seasonings. Add onion, pepper, and corn meal, or mashed potatoes and mix well. Gently add in crab meat and shape into cakes about as big around as a water glass and half an inch or so thick. (They can be frozen for later at this point.)

Drop into hot shortening and fry (turning only once) until golden brown.  Birdy used lard, but Crisco will work just fine. Fry over medium heat with plenty of shortening in a heavy iron skillet.

(*The Curry Powder is Birdey’s secret ingredient. Coursey gets it for her in  Baltimore and only her dearest friends know about this.  ** Old Bay Seasoning can be substituted if desired.)

Contributed by Arline Chase, author of The Drowned Land, a collection of short stories where Birdy made her first appearance,  and Killraven, a novel where  Hope Voeschell, a young woman  raised in a pacifist sect, falls in love with DeCoursey Rogers a violent man.... but when their island community encounters rape and murder, Coursey’s “eye-for-an-eye” reaction may cost him everything.

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