Monday, February 6, 2012

Virus effectively killed

For those who hadn't heard: BEWARE OF BUGS

I picked up a virus on Friday. A warning that there was spyware popped up (and popped up and popped up and popped up), that offered to take me to a website where I could buy cure software.

Now I have good virus software and I had received one warning from it, that a stock photo I was about to download was infected. I halted the download, but evidently not in time.

More, I refused to pay them to remove the virus they gave me in the first place. I called my usual gurus and they came today and swept the machine clean.

Bless them.

Until this happened, I hadn't been aware that a virus or .exe program could be attached to a .jpg file. So I thought I'd post it here, just in case any of you guys were also unaware. Keep that virus protection updated and active at all times. And if something starts to happen, shut down right away and call the repair guys.

Anyway, I'm back and ready to go to work again. Sorry for the lost time.

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