Monday, February 27, 2012

Please help me Catch up....and newspaper writing tip

My list of "print books to do next" got filed by the cats. I have searched, but to no avail. I may have missed doing paper editions for some of you. If you have been waiting a long time to hear from me about a paper edition, please, please contact me at with a reminder. These most probably would be books that debuted last spring and summer....

Auntie Arline's Recipe for writing a newspaper article (or press release)


The e-mail address for the newspaper or TV/Radio station can usually be found on the web site, masthead or the editorial page.

1 Headline (You can suggest one, but they will probably change it due to space limitations.

1 bottom line (What happened or will happen?) What? Where? When?

2 or 3 quotes, from someone who says something interesting, given accurately as to facts, but cleaned up as to grammar.

3 to 5 facts to do with the bottom line. (Who? and What? Why?)

1 byline and/or contact information, your e-mail, phone number etc.

1 reminder

1 Blank Page

.jpgs as available

On Blank Page, type the contact information at the upper right hand side: Your name, address, e-mail address and Phone number.

Type Headline Centered

Place bottom line first -- always give the most important information first!

Follow with a quote, choose the most positive one you have if it's a press release.

Distribute facts liberally throughout, putting in the most important ones first. Editors only have so much space and will simply highlight the bottom of the text and delete enough to make your information fit.

Garnish with quotes, that are attributed and qualified. But be careful never to make anyone look a fool. Plug local people and businesses whenever possible. Local outlets like this, it helps with advertisers. If the president of the hospital board says, "Me and Doc Rogers run over to see where the accident happened so as to give first aid." Type it in as, "Doctor Rogers and I went to the scene of the accident and offered first aid," said hospital board president Homer Hapwell, a local businessman and owner of Homer's Used Cars, and qualified as a volunteer EMT with Rescue Fire Company.

Add or attach .jpgs and put captions for them at the bottom!

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