Friday, February 10, 2012

Catching UP!

What with the computer virus, not a lot got done this week.

No books went to press, or back to press. No paper or e-books at all.

Galleys went out, or went out again, on the following:

DRAGON SPEAKER, by Ray Morand.

SNOW ESCAPE, by Roberta Goodman.

Work continued, or began on:

Rootie II, by Elaine Simmons. We submit work to the printer as a favor for the publisher at Pig-E Press.

WWW's BEST SELLING KINDLE BOOKS for the month of December, 2011:

A GHOST AT STALLION'S GATE, by Elizabeth Eagan-Cox
this is the latest in the Shannon Delaney series and was followed closely in sales by the others in that series.

SNOW ESCAPE, by Roberta Goodman

A MEDIC IN IRAQ, by Cole Bolchoz

HOUSE TO KILL FOR, by Judy Reveal


Please remember these are the best selling among Write Words, Inc.'s own titles, NOT the best selling on the site.

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