Friday, December 30, 2016

Catching UP!

 Jack's News!
  by your Official Bookstore Cat, 
and Gossip Columnist.
Hi Folks,

We had a lovely holiday here. Very quiet, but very nice. Arline is working on the year end accounting stuff and after that she will do the final payroll for 2016.

Roger has given up on "Grandma got Runover by a Reindeer," but now he's trying to learn "Auld Lang Syne," before tomorrow.

To all of you, we send our very best wishes for a happier and more prosperous New Year.

PLEASE don't YOU forget to send me news of any personal appearances, signings and so on... so I'll have some gossip to pass on next week. 

Just send an e-mail to with 
 "News for Jack" 
 in the subject line, and
I'll make sure it shows up here for all the world to see!

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