Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Happy Winter Solstice

Each year I write a poem for the holidays instead the usual family newsletter. Here's the one for this year.

Joy Yet Abides...

Despite infirmity and the advancement of years,

            There is still joy in moonlight over ancient stones

                        Joy in a rosy sunrise that marks yet again our

Progress, as the earth follows God’s ancient path…

No more dancing. No more driving. No more travels or vacations…

            Doctor’s visits and our family gatherings on Sunday, define

                        our social life. Then family talks eagerly of harvests, football,

and a bloodhound named Cletus, while two seats remain empty.  

Life’s everyday concerns make demands, while practical solutions

           come and go. Lightning strikes the well. New hearing devices reveal the ticking
                          of a clock and a kitten’s soft purr, unheard before.

A needed new roof is a gift from a loving son.

Despite the loss of a firstborn son, there is joy in remembering

            his bright blue eyes, the wonder of his smile, and knowing that he loved,

                        and was loved every day that he lived. Though we miss him, and weep,

we all hold in our hearts the joy he brought to us....

Whatever our hopes, whatever our dreams

           The earth spins on, and once again brings light from darkness

                           Peace, fulfillment, and joy, from chaos, and

hope to each and every blessed soul…

                                                                                              --- Arline Chase
                                                                                                   Winter Solstice, 2016


  1. A touching poem that calms the heart. Thanks!

  2. In heartfelt words expressed...I beleive this is your finest poem... and finest hour. Thank you for sharing these sentiments with us. Wishing you and yours many blessings... too numerous to count! Elizabeth

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth. Merry Christmas! Hugs to your fur babies from Jack...

  3. May you and yours have a blessed Christmas, in Jesus's name...

  4. That was very beautiful.I could relate to every soft word was spoken so truer words spoken Especially when you're talking about the big blue eyes he definitely had the big blue eyes and he will be missed and he was loved. Merry Christmas Arlene