Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Pleae pray...

When Shelley arrived at the hospital this morning, she found that David is, again, in Surgery. 

This is not a day that I can write a post. Instead, I will post this poem that I wrote for my son  following his triumph after one of the bad times before Shelley came into his life.

We chose to call him David, because the name means "Beloved..."

       To our son...

With the light in your eyes, you bring kindness,
    there's joy in the warmth of your grin.
With strong hands you fix broken engines,
    and sometimes broken hearts.

A strong arm and a helping hand
    you offer gladly to anyone in need,
Your greatest strength, sometimes your greatest
    triumph lies in your vast good heart

You've known intense pain,
    of the body, of the heart, of the soul
But like the steel of a good blade forged in flame
    hardship has made you stronger.

From your first day, we recognized your intelligence,
    and watched your accomplishments with pride
We knew your strengths and weaknesses
    And because you knew no fear, we felt afraid...

Now, you fight to accomplish your goal, while
    We look on with love. Emotion builds until
We cannot speak...nor find the words
    To tell you of the pride we feel in you now,
        And always, Beloved....