Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Word to all our Friends from the Chase Family

by Marie Prato.

One out of every seven women will develop breast cancer *A woman's chances of developing breast cancer increases with age: and *Approximately 200,000 cases attitude. Marie Prato is a certified paralegal and an author with more than a dozen novels selling on various sites. Most importantly, Marie Prato is a 59-year-old woman who, with the continued help of God, is a four-time survivor of breast cancer.

A Word to All our Friends from the Chase Family

We surely could use a few extra prayers, today.

Back when I was a newspaper reporter, I once interviewed a woman who was in the last stages of cancer and her mother, who was there, told me she had three other children all of whom had survived the same kind of cancer. She had said special prayers for each of them, though not for the daughter who died within the week.

When I learned of my son, David's, diagnosis, I had expected there to be no hope beyond a few extra months with him.

Dave and Shelley are headed to the hospital today for a meeting with the Treatment Team and the surgeon at University of Maryland.  As some of you may already know, he has been diagnosed with stage 4 renal cell kidney cancer. They will probably remove the kidney with the tumor and may be able to use cells from the tumor to grow t-cells to treat him with a new kind of blood infusion that uses your own white cells to hunt and kill the cancer cells, while having little effect on healthy tissue.

I had absolutely no hope until my husband and I watched a documentary special about these new cancer treatments on HBO. The program, called “VICE: Cancer” shows new kinds of treatments being developed and though no one has yet said the word “cure” several patients have been treated in experimental programs and have survived and subsequently tested out as “cancer-free.”

Today, they will decide if Dave is strong enough to participate in this kind of treatment trial and whether to admit him into the experimental program at U. Of MD.

Many of you have already been praying for Dave and we thank you so much for that and ask you to please continue. On this special day,  we ask for special prayers, please. Your prayers have meant, and continue to mean so, much to all of us.

Thank you again, and again.


  1. Prayers continue. And I too saw the show on Vice: Cancer and feel there is much promise and I hope that Dave can participate and live a long happy life.

  2. Prayers Arline. Please know that you, your son and your family in my thoughts. Hugs, Gilda

  3. Thanks you for your prayers and for your good wishes.

  4. So sorry to hear this, and our prayers are with your family. Carl

  5. Add mine to your list. So strange that this is the firsts time I've visited your site in over a month! Let us hope recovery is swift and prognosis good! And pray for the same!