Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Happy Maryland Day!

A  Collection of Maryland Stories
By Judith Reveal, vol. 1 of 4.
Just as recently divorced Lindsey Gale begins to bring balance into her personal life, she discovers that her new role as publisher of the Greensboro Press is anything but stable. Lindsey is asked to investigate the death of a friend who had been staying at The Writers’’ Bloc, a writers’’ retreat located on Maryland’’s rustic Eastern Shore. 

by Terry L. White, Vol 1 of 7
Chesapeake Harvest visits Maryland’s Eastern Shore with the earliest colonists where they battle harsh weather, fever and swarms of mosquitoes to forge a new land. Voyage across the sea with Mary Charles and share her life on a frontier farm as an indentured servant. Learn the ways of country life with a woman who holds love as an ideal to guide her life. Come to Chesapeake country!
And Free This MONTH!
By Arline Chase
Set in the 1890s, KILLRAVEN is the story of Hope Voeschell, a young woman brought up to believe in non-violence, and DeCoursey Rogers a man who has known violence first hand, and what happens when an isolated peaceful community is confronted with a murderer. Killraven is a fictional Chesapeake Bay island, an isolated place rich in the traditions of its independent people. The novel is based in part on characters that originally appeared in the award winning short story collection, THE DROWNED LAND.

A Word from Arline



If I look happy, it's because I am.  Sid's surgery yesterday went "fairly well" and he was discharged last night and is recovering at home, sans gallstones.

Dave is still recovering from his surgery on Monday, the 23rd. He was out of bed yesterday, took a walk and had a nice sit up.  Still in a lot of pain, though, and not feeling as well this morning. He has Shelley with him for comfort.

We are all giving prayers of thanks for them both, though Sid says, "Forget me, I'm okay. It's Dave I'm worried about." We know Dave still has a long way to go, but at least there is a chance in the treatment program he has chosen.

I am giving the update this morning as Jack is singing hymns of praise with Roger. I add my voice and give thanks to all of you who have sent prayers out way.

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  1. Thank you for the home-front update, Arline. Thinking of all of you with love.