Friday, August 15, 2014

Catching UP!

Books that went to press, or back to press this week:

It's Hell With the Wrong Shoes!
DEMONCHASER III,  Demonchaser Series, vol. 3, by David Berardelli.
    Sexy, sassy and dead, Tiffany LeBouf, aided by her friend Chip, the trickster, continue their wild adventures in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where they’ve gone to help their friend Ashley escape the powerful super demon Braithwaite, who wants revenge for what the three of them did to his Central
Florida land deal. Along the way they meet handsome Jimmy Russo, a popular local magician, who immediately captures Tiffany’s heart. Although Jimmy is equally smitten, he seems to have demons of his own that could easily destroy their future relationship.
What is in an abandoned building on an uninhabited Island across Moonlit Bay that has been surreptitiously invaded by armed, unidentified entities who are helmeted, dressed in black survival suits and armed with laser guns? What of the object that seems to cry out in excruciating pain giving off a blinding light when these intruders bombard its shell by laser beams? Why did they pick this peaceful small coastal town of Moonlit Bay for their clandestine operations? Who are these people? Where did they and the object in question come from? And who or what is inside the object that is so important to the invaders? These are questions that Elliot, Ryan, Penny and Stacie are determined to discover if it’s the last thing they do.

Gallies that went out, are still out, or went out again, this week:


DEMONCHASER II: One Foot in Hell, but with the Right Shoes, by David Berardelli
   After successfully sending Gutrillus Canus back to Hell, Tiffany LeBouf and her sidekick Chip, the
mischievous inferior demon, are sent to Central Florida on a brand-new assignment—to find a delinquent inferior brought up by Braithwaite, the new super demon who has come up from Hell to replace Balberith. Along the way they meet Ashley, a young girl innocently caught up in one of Braithwaite’s evil schemes. Just as they befriend and try to help Ashley, the three of them are
caught up in a web of corruption involving rich oil sheiks and a sinister scheme to sell off Central Florida land and turn it into a terrorist training center. Will Tiffany and Chip be able to sour Braithwaite’s land deal? Or will they be sent back to Hell and forced to remain there forever?

CANDLE SONG: A Collection of New Age Poetry by Bobbi Sinha-Morey
     In this collection you get the essence of the poet's inner soul, the fine artistry of her spirituality, the memorable imagery she displays, the depth of her imagination, her pastiches of life and people who inhabit them. Her words are like a breath of the golden dawn; their gentle taste and wisdom fall lightly on the tongue. 

 TINY TIMELESS TALES: The Writer's Bloc Anthology III
    A Collection of tales by members of the Bloc that includes short stories, poetry, pages from a nonfiction childrens book, and articles about a number of subjects, one including recipes for cooking bugs.
DOING DEAD MAN'S TIME, by Matthew L. Schoonover.  
   From the author who brought you the supernatural thrillers of The Arbiter series and the impossible mysteries of The Tornado Man series comes a new tale of supernatural suspense. Phil Talbot is in the here-after, awaiting judgment. He is given the opportunity to come back to the mortal plane and fix the one mistake that changed his supernatural fate. But there are conditions...
REWIND FORWARD: Kathy Sear and Greg Hawkins Series, Vol. 4, by Michael E. Field. 

   Paul Buckler had everything he could want from life: a beautiful wife, wonderful children, and a great home. But all that came crashing down when false allegations were levied against him and he found out that you are really guilty until proven innocent
  THE KIDNAPPING OF SEN. ANDY THOMPSON: Adventuires on Capital Hill Series, by Celine Rose Mariotti.
    A real adventure begins when Senator Thompson is kidnapped and Brian Travors, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State is suspected of being involved.  Senators Hunt Wagner and Darius Clemens head a committee hearing to get at the truth.  President Robinson suffers a heart attack and Vice-President Barry Newman takes over temporarily.  This book is a real page turner!   


Work began or Continued on the following books:

THE VANISHING BREED: The Volunteer Series, Vol. 2, by Tom Ward.
    Heroic firefighter Robert J. Doyle is back, still struggling with his inner demons, the result of an incident in wartorn Lebanon, when he ordered the destruction of a complete village. As he walked through the carnage, Doyle vowed one day to pay for the loss of innocent lives.

MINISTER'S SHOES, VOL. 2 by Celine Rose Mariotti
   Rev. Castle is back in another cozy mystery.

BLEEDING HEARTS: Killian Kendal Mystery Series, Vol. 1

   Winner of the Stonewall Society's 2002 Pride in the Arts Literary Award in the Whodunit Category!

REAP THE WHIRLWIND: Killian Kendall Mystery Series, Vol. 2,  by Josh Aterovis.
   Suicide, or murder? That's the question in the second Killian Kendall mystery. Will Smith suspects murder when an old childhood pal drowns, and asks his friend Killian for help in solving the mystery.

TRUTH OF YESTERDAY,  by Josh Aterovis

ALL LOST THINGS, by Josh Aterovis

CHANGE  OF WORLDS, by Josh Aterovis

Jack's News!

  by your bookstore cat,  gossip columnist, and feline friend.
Virginia Winters is hard at work on the latest in her "Dangerous Journeys" series about genealogist Dr. Annie McPhail. This one concerns a missing child and takes place in Spain. Virginia will appreciate any ideas for titles. She loves to hear from friends, fellow authors, and fans, at:

Author Kris Condi is getting lots of attention in her home town of Crescent City, IL. Her books are flying off the shelves at the local library and they her upcoming talk there has already been noted in the newspapers and on Local TV. She will do a book signing of her latest book COUNTING ON YOU, on Tuesday, Sept. 23, at the Watseka Library from 6:30 TO 8 P.M. Don’t miss it if you’re in her neighborhood.

This coming September 26 and 27, 2014, Kathryn be co-chairing ACRA’s Conference on the Beach, Hampton Inn, St. Augustine Beach, Florida. Check ourt details at: to see why it’s the "best little conference in Florida.”

If you are going to have a book signing somewhere, make a personal appearance, or are planning a launch party where you live, please let us KNOW. Just put NEWS FOR JACK, in the subject line, and we will be sure your news is included here in the blog and posted on Facebook!


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