Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Passed or Past?

Summer Murder can be Fun!

According to the statistics, only 34 percent of murderers are prosecuted and about half of them are convicted. In Volume 2 of the Eva Wyatt mystery series, she is faced with not one but two exceptionally well-organized, clever criminals. As always, Detective-Sergeant Eva Wyatt is trying to beat the odds.

Question from the e-mail: 
People tell me I mix up past and passed. What's the word on that.

Past is a time thing, something that happened in the past, or it’s a synonym for ‘beyond.'

Passed, is used when you mean “exceeded,” or “went by.” 

For instance: “It’s past (beyond) understanding, how Judy  passed her History test. When I passed (went by) her in the hall, she said she didn’t study, because the past (a time thing) was boring.”

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