Tuesday, January 7, 2014

by Philip F. Harris

POLARIZING YOUR LIFE TOWARDS PERFECTION™ shows how duality consciousness can actually become your servant and a major tool in transforming your life. It provides you with the “fine print” that is often overlooked when trying to use the Law of Attraction to make your dreams a reality. By viewing your life holistically, you can use this book in a practical way to achieve a “total life make-over!” By using the “polarizing” techniques, you will come to the realization that perfection is not something you develop; it is something that you already are.

Question from the E-mail:  What's an anachronism? 

Answer:  Something out of place in time and space.  Like you're writing a Civil War Cavalry charge and one of the characters is riding a motorcycle instead of a horse.  Essentially, it's anything that the reader will know is wrong on the face of it. Anything that wakes your reader from the "dream" of the story.

Of course that's an exaggerated example, but I've seen some real "wake up calls" even in commercially published material. Once I was reading a historical romance set in Elizabethan England. Obviously the author had written it first as a modern story, then set it back in time, because.... There was a wonderful wedding scene. It had whole roasted pigs, jongleurs (what the hell is a jongleur, anyway?), lute players and troubadours singing soulful songs of wedded bliss. Then a minor character praised the cheese served in the wedding "buffet," saying to the bride's father, "Where did you get this wonderful cheese?" 

To which the bride's father replied, "Oh, I'm glad you like it, okay? We had it flown in special."

"Buffet" and "okay" would have been bad enough, as in Elizabethan times a "buffet" was a cupboard, not a spread to eat from and "okay" didn't come into use until the mid-19th century.. But "flown in?" How? Carrier pidgeon?

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