Thursday, December 12, 2013

If it didn't happen that way...

First in a series of 5!

A great gift for pre-teen mystery lovers.

One by one neighborhood dogs disappear. One by one the ransom notes arrive. When Toby Martin and her best pal, Freddy, discover Toby’s dog is the next intended victim, they become first-rate detectives.

Question from the e-mail:  When I write a story based on fact, how close to the truth do I have to stay? I am quite sure that if I write things that happened to me, others may remember things differently...

Answer: The trick is to tell the best story you can and then remind people that if they don't like your version, they can always write their own...

The trick is not to let facts get in the way of a “good story.”

Journalist Adela Rogers St.Johns was one of the first women news reporters and covered all the "Big" stories of her era, including the crash of the Hindenberg and the Lindburgh Kidnapping. When she wrote her own life story, THE HONEYCOMB, plenty of people she had known from the past called her on facts, saying, “That’s not the way it really happened.”

Her reply was always the same, “If it didn’t happen that way, then it should’ve!”

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