Thursday, November 21, 2013

Old Family recipe Dressing

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Old Family Recipe Thanksgiving Dressing

Mama's advice on preparation:

1. NEVER STUFF THE STUFFING. Dressing rarely cooks all-the-way-through if you stuff it inside the bird. And you run the risk of salmonella. Put it in a casserole dish

2. DON'T SPEND A LOT OF TIME ON IT. With all the different dishes to try, few people are going to complement an ordinary dish like dressing, OR pay that much attention to it.


3. Pick up 2 boxes of ordinary stuffing mix at the grocery store. Prepare according to directions.

When the stuffing is finished:

Mix in 1 sm. raw onion, or 1/2 raw vidalia onion minced very fine, or pulverized in a food processor. (yes raw!)


1 tsp. ground sage

1 tsp. salt

1/2 cup white wine (non-alcoholic white cooking wine is fine)

Mix thoroughly and place in a Cooking Spray Coated, covered caserole. 

You can warm it slightly in the microwave, just before serving, or keep it warm in a very low oven, 185 or less, but do NOT bake this. The raw onion taste is what makes it unique and you don't want to cook it long enough to change that.

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