Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Russian Tea Recipe

A Color illustrated collection of prizewinning Christmas stories, poems, recipes, and memories, all with a country touch. A great gift idea. Fifty percent of royalties goes to Easter Seals.

         Mary Cox-Bilz’s Russian Tea

2     1 qt. (large jars) containers Instant Iced Tea, sweetened and with lemon (any brand)
1     1 qt. Jar Tang
3     tbsp. Cinnamon

Since I am a quadriplegic, for this tea, I get someone whose fingers work to mix all ingredients well and store in an air tight container. I use one I can flip open with my mouth stick, but any cannister, or even a large Ziploc bag works well.  Mix two teaspoons with half a glass of water. Add ice, and enjoy a refreshing treat any time you like. You can also use it (2 tsp. per cup and add hot water) as an instant hot tea.  Or we sometimes make it by the pitcher using 3/4  to 1 cup of mixture to a 2 quart container.

Contributed by Mary Cox-Bilz, author of At the Gate Called Beautiful...Quadriplegic author Mary Cox-Bilz tells of Jesus’s healing from the New Testament Book of Acts....Read a new account of the story of Jesus, told through the eyes of the disabled people he healed, at the “Gate, Called Beautiful.”

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